New Detroit on Ferguson

Ferguson, MO ......

The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri provide a very urgent reminder that our mission at New Detroit – closing the gap between the races – is far from being accomplished.

At New Detroit we encourage individuals to see one another as individual persons, to put aside labels and exterior differences and to see our commonality as unique human beings, each making our own respective journey through life. Each of us brings our own viewpoint to our interactions, based on our own life experiences and we learn from one another.

As I’ve had conversations with people this week, it is clear to me that we still have a long way to go to achieving a full understanding of the role that race and structural racism plays in our society.

What we are seeing is a reminder to each of us to rededicate our own efforts to fight for equity and racial justice, a goal that is still painfully far from our grasp.

Shirley R. Stancato
President & CEO
New Detroit, Inc.

New Detroit’s Multicultural Leadership Series



This experience highlights the history, culture and socioeconomics of the following communities of color: African American, Arab, Asian, Chaldean, Latino and Native American. Participants attend a daylong orientation plus six 8 hour sessions.


Benefits of Participation

  • Increases insight and understanding of the many racial and ethnic groups in Metropolitan Detroit.
  • Develops a talented and diverse group of leaders who can promote positive race relations.
  • Offers an opportunity for your organization to be recognized as one committed to racial, ethnic, and cultural understanding.

Sessions begin September 17, 2015 and end April 21, 2016.
Tuition for the Multicultural Leadership Series is $1000.00.

Click here to apply online... For more information about the Series contact: Marshalle Montgomery at: 313.664.3036 or


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New Detroit: a racial justice organization
The metropolitan Detroit leadership organization working to identify and eliminate racial disparities in the region by building economic equity, social justice and racial understanding.

2014 Metropolitan Detroit Race Equity Report

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